Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

All Labworks filter cartridges contain a high quality extruded activated carbon, with a surface area of  >1000m2/g (BET), suitable for fans and cabinets operating at low partial pressures, and will purify air by the absorbance of most organic and inorganic vapours.

The range of filters manufactured, covers replacement filters for the Histology equipment of Shandon/Lerner (see below), Sakura and Leica Microsystems, plus Labworks Recirculating Fume Cabinets (see below).

Labworks is the Original designer and manufacturer of carbon filters for the Leica Coverslipper (CV5000), Autostainer XL/ST4040. Tissue Processor TP1050/ASP300.


OEM filters to suit your needs...

Labworks Australia Pty Ltd is a hands-on manufacturer that can make filters to suit the entire range of current coverslippers and stainers from most of the major machine manufacturers, including Leica, Sakura and Shandon. Please contact us to enquire about our OEM manufacturing. We will endeavour to tailor a solution to your activated carbon filter needs.

ASD-101 Carbon Filter

Labworks has been manufacturing ASD-101 carbon filters for over 20 years to suit the Shandon/Lerner range of products, (in Australia this has primarily been the Linestainer, Hyperclean, Consol Coverslip, Gemini Stainer, Excelsior Tissue Processor and their small portable fume hoods).


Available in:

- Standard

- Advanced formaldahyde removal (101-FG, 101-KM)

PRICING: Contact Labworks for special factory prices direct to you. 

Leica Microsystems Carbon Filters

Labworks is the Original designer and manufacturer of carbon filters for the Leica CoverSlipper (CV5000), Autostainer XL and ST4040, Tissue Processors TP1050 and ASP300.These carbon filters are now available, direct from Labworks.

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