Cellpath product range

Popular items

  • Embedding Cassettes-Standard, with Lid, Mega, Super Mega. BioTwin

  • Metal Processing Covers

  • Biopsy Rings, Bags, Cassette Filter Paper

  • Base Moulds, Metal and Plastic Disposable

  • CryoBlock

  • Cutting Knives

  • Mounting Media-Xylene Base and Aqueous

  • Marking Pens for Cassettes

  • Cyto-Filter Cards

  • Tissue Bags

  • Slide Trays-Cardboard and PVC

  • Slide Mailers

  • Slide Archive Boxes and Filing Cabinets

  • Block Filing Cabinets and Inserts - Plastic

  • Block Filing Cartons

  • Plastic Slide Folders, 4 place and index cards

Australian and New Zealand Distributor of Cellpath Ltd

Labworks is the Australian and New Zealand Importer and Distributor of the CELLPATH range of products for Histology Laboratories.


CELLPATH is a UK company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of products for histopathology, cytology and general pathology goods.