Labworks Coverslipping Tape


Labworks Covertape is designed specifically for the use with all automatic coverslipping machines in histology, cytology and haematology.


Its excellent transparency grants long-term optical performance and is compatible with all standard aromatic/non-aromatic solvent mixtues.

Covertape fact sheet:


  • Length: 70 m / width: 24 mm = 1,400 slides at 50 mm

  • Multifunction film for use on all coverslipping machines in histology, cytology and Haematology

  • No aromatic solvents used during production of this mostly cellulose based film substrate.


Transport and storage conditions:


  • Transport: 5 °C to 35 °C / 25% to 75% r.H.

  • Storage:    5 °C to 30 °C / 30% to 70% r.H.

  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure, water contact and long term exposure to temperatures over 35°C

  • Do not expose this product to temperatures over 30 °C for extended periods. Exposure may result in reduced surface structure pattern, film deformation and may reduce adhesion to slides post coverslipping


Operating conditions:


  • Open in a clean and dust free environment, with a temperature range of 17 °C to 27 °C, humidity between 45% r.H. to 55% r.H., 2 hours prior to use.


Long term storage conditions after automatic coverslipping:


  • 18 °C to 25 °C / 45% to 50% r.H.

  • Slides should be stored vertically in suitable containers, slide holders or racks and direct sunlight and UV exposure is to be avoided.




  • The film compound contains cellulose derivate and polyacrylates and must be disposed of in accordance with any local, state or federal laws.

  • The coverslipping film and the plastic core (Polypropylene) are not subject to declaration according to ordinance on hazardous substances.


Shelf life:


  • The product can be used for a minimum of 12 months after manufacturing.



Engineered and manufactured in Germany for Labworks