RFC-201 Fume Cabinet

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 RFC-201 fume cabinet

The LABWORKS RFC-101 & 201, portable recirculating fume cabinet is designed to remove fumes and odours from workplace air without the need for permanent installation or ductwork.


Fumes and odours are adsorbed onto a disposable carbon filter after the air passes through a pre-filter to remove particulate matter.


The cabinet design allows excellent operator viewing through the sloping front panel with ample room at the front for hand access.


The LABWORKS RFC-101 & 201 is designed and built in Australia to comply with the Australian Standard  AS 2243.9-1991 for Recirculating Fume Cabinets.


Removable Spill Tray—over 7 litres capacity.

Removable Arm Rest.

Cabinet can be sited over existing services (with tray removed).

Clear, all around, acrylic panels for operator visibility.

Powder coated steel frame, tray and hood to resist corrosion.

Economical replacement pre filter and carbon filter.

Built in lighting.

Isolated electrical components from air stream.

Fan failure warning light and buzzer.

Brushless, sparkless centrifugal fan.

Average face velocity at operator access > 0.5m/sec

Servicing and support

RFC-101 & 201 series fume hoods are now out of production. 

All legacy models will continue to receive servicing and support, including parts and vapour removal filters. Please contact us for any enquiries.